Union Square Phase II

Cybersecurity and product design will be the twin themes of the second phase of the Union Square Campus.

The Union Square Campus board and a group of advisers talked for more than a year about themes for the second phase of the project, eventually whittling them to two that had corporate interest and the potential to create good jobs: cybersecurity and design.

Business leaders are extremely interested in cybersecurity because of the enormous customer databases that need to be protected and the difficulty in hiring enough people for information security roles.

The second theme, design, will focus on innovation and the creation of new products. Design is complementary to the cybersecurity theme because much of it is done electronically and needs to be kept confidential.

While local universities will not be directly involved in Union Square Campus’ Phase II effort, college leaders are hopeful the next phase will provide classes and internships for students, research opportunities for faculty and good jobs for graduates.

Money for a second Union Square Campus building will come from the companies that take part in this second phase.

Currently, there is no timetable for constructing a second building.  The second phase of Union Square Campus is at least three years away from becoming reality based on the time it took to conceive and construct the nursing education building.

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